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Client Testimonials

Highly Recommend Julia @ Therapy Hands

My worst fear set in on any random given day. I was due to get up for my morning shift at 5am but was awakened an hour early with the most intolerable pain you could imagine. Very stiff and testy to move, my leg had intensifying tension that pulled me from my sleep without any signs of why or how this could happen. I assumed a bit of stretching would do the trick but it had no noticeable results. With my Morning shift approaching, i had no choice but to proceed with my day. As the hours past, i was able to pull through and work it out naturally to its normal, acheless feel. The following night, the same problem occurs... Painful, uncureable tension in my groin! Waking me up again only 4hrs into sleep. I try maybe a different position, guessing that i maybe be causing this somehow. No results. Tired and with no choice, i get up with the acceptance that I most likely will not be sleeping anymore that night. With high hopes for the following night, i disregard my lack of sleep and drag myself to my early morning shift. The same procedure occurs night after night for a week, only allowing me no more than 4hrs of sleep a night. I knew something was wrong. With the option of seeing a doctor, i decide to ask Julia. The one person I know who understands the human body with a passion and has a degree in physical therapy. She immediately identified the problem and gave me a detailed description of the cause and told me about what i could do to correct the problematic issue. Muscle manipulation, disciplinary awareness and correction of my posture as well as daily stretching was prescribed for what was causing my frequent insomnia episodes. That night after speaking with her, we had arranged a meet. She worked on me for a remarkable 90mins+, explaining to me what she was doing and how my body was being affected. Filling my brain of the knowledge she enthusiastically shared to contribute to what little i had already known to help better understand my body and its funtionality. That night i had slept a solid 8hrs and for the few days following. Unfortunately, the pain had returned. I knew that if i didn\'t see Julia soon then i was definitely in for another agonizing, sleepless night. I contacted her and she so generously scheduled me in that same night with such short notice. Again, she worked her magic and explained that my tension isn\'t just going to go away with one session and it will require consistent disiplinary correction in my posture outside of the body work. I agreed. Going home that night and again, seeing undeniable results in my acquired nights rest, i feel sessions with Julia is essential to keeping my body healthy and free of any future discomfort. I highly recommend her to anyone... I am confident she can diagnose the problem provide a better understanding of your bodys needs as well as relief. :-)

April 1, 2013
Rozalyn V
San Jose, CA


March 23, 2013

Julia is simply the picaso or mozart of body work manipulation. I still cant believe i found her on yelp after having searched for someone to help fix this troublesome body of mine. I have some significant injuries and some of which make it very difficult for me to live a painfree everyday life. My body has suffered to the point where I have developed postural habits that attempt to protect damaged areas of muscle. These protective tendencies were identified by Julia within a milisecond of walking through that door and her hands are like a great painter or like the ears of a masterful instrumental musician. She just closes her eyes and feels the problem and goes to work. Im not saying her work is at all times painless, but whatver pain endured is well worth it. Ive never had someone manipulate my body as she has and ive never experienced someone with just pure talent amany but few who are deserving of the title certified massage therapist. Julia should be working on the prince of egypt, the queen of england, the Pope, Fonzie aka "Fonzarelli", Jesus etc. I cant believe she is right here in the San Jose area and she doesnt walk on water. Shes truly that good!! Be lucky enough to make an appointment and see what Im talking about. 
- Andrew 
San Jose, CA



Who does the massage therapist go to for professional massage?  Julia Tabarez!  I come to the table with multiple issues. Scar tissue from previous injuries including whip lash, broken ribs and a rotated hip. Tight shoulders and forearms.  Super tight erector muscles in my back and hip tension that extends all the way down the legs into the feet.  And like the cobbler's children have no shoes...a massage therapist's body tends to be pretty beat up. Mine is no exception.  Julia is a serious bodyworker.  She has an extensive bag of tricks to draw from.  Shiatsu, Trigger point, muscle stripping, facilitated stretching and more! Professional athletes see Julia because her work ethic is impeccable, her bodywork style is direct and effective.  Her knowledge is impressive. Her intuition is spot on.

 Looking for results based massage?  Give Julia a call

Lindsey M

Campbell, CA


I had been having some issues with pain in my legs that just showed up out of nowhere a few years ago and to date was just living with it based off my physician who said it was too soon to do anything. I was referred to Julia and upon first meeting her I hardly had to explain my issues before she knew exactly what was going on AND there are solutions. Needless to say Julia really knows her stuff always explaining everything she is doing and why certain things are the way they are., She is friendly, outgoing and her work does not increase your pain it relieves it. She is great about giving tips on how to maintain a healthy body and relieve your issues for those who cannot come to her as often as we'd like. I fully recommend her to anyone who has body pains or just wants a nice relaxing massage. You will get an education to boot! Double bonus!

Jamie E.

Campbell, CA


I am an extremely active individual whom has been suffering from lower back pain off and on for 2 years. I have gone to doctors whom just want to prescribe medication to alleviate my pain and to chiropractors who want to see me on a weekly basis for extended periods of time without a clear termination of services in the future. I would get better but inevitable with time the pain and discomfort from my lower back would return. Being an avid runner having lower back pain is detrimental! I was so use to getting up in the morning and running 6-10 miles per day but with lower back pain that all comes to an immediate stop. The last time this occurred to me was in January of 2012 which inevitably debilitated me for well over a month. I was hunched over and in pain. I moved at a slow pace and could not find a comfortable position that would lessen my pain. This was a frustrating and emotionally low point for me as I was accustomed to being on the go every day.

 Fortunately, I was given Julia's number by a friend yet it was still with great hesitation but with a "nothing to lose" attitude that I decided to give her a call. She immediately scheduled me in and assessed my situation. I was impressed by her knowledge, experience and sincere passion for what she does as well as her desire to help me feel better.  She was able to understand my problem and provided me with ample information and specific exercises that I could do to collaborate with her in expediting my recovery. She makes sure to explain to you her "plan of action" that integrates various modalities to best suit your need. I have to admit that I have never been comfortable having a massage therapist massage/trigger point my aches and pains away. I'm not a fan of people touching me in an aggressive manner and I was fearful of manual manipulation making my pain worse, but I can honestly say that since my first session with Julia my body and muscles have been receptive to her work and I've been able to incorporate actives back into my life while continuing to be pain free.  Julia is extremely professional, informative and positive. She makes each session enjoyable even when she's working on your trouble spots!

I am now a believer in sport therapy massage! I can see the difference in my body. I feel my muscles are stretched and manipulated to be positioned as they should be. I feel my "booty" as Julia so eloquently calls it has been repositioned to a higher state (a huge plus!!). I know that if I consistently apply the exercises she has recommended for me to do I will soon be back to running the miles I use to do and then some! I strongly recommend Julia for all your muscle discomforts!

Sasha T.

Sunnyvale, CA


The studio is located in a small plaza in Los Gatos, not easy to find but look very private. I first went there by a Groupon deal and Julia was my therapist. The first time I was there she quickly found out what and where are my problem areas and really work on those areas--She worked on my shoulder for a good 60 mins, and I felt great after the massage. Julia really knows what she is doing and how to do it right without hurting your muscle, and she has a very easy going and cheerful personality. She also offers many kinds of methods. One of my favorite therapists!

Snow T.

Bellevue, WA


I have been coming to Julia for a couple of years now and am thoroughly impressed! She continues to explain how my body works so that I can stretch it out better.  She massages my lower back and it releases the stress and tension in my shoulder.  I am always impressed by her understanding of the muscles and tissues and her ability to open up my shoulders and break up scar tissues and spots that hold tension.  She always does it just hard enough to work the muscle but not leave me in pain.  I don't see her just as a massues - she is more of a muscle and body therapist that is creating health and wholeness.  I am going to continue going back as long as she practices.

Nicole P.

Campbell, CA


I've been working as a Deputy Sheriff for 18 years. After putting my body through the abuse of wearing a duty belt on a daily basis and the spontaneous altercations that I've encountered, my back is damaged. I have had trigger point injections, chiropractic treatment, manipulation under anesthetic and as of late epidural injections. All of these have only given me minimal temporary relief. I called Julia at a time when I was in extreme pain and could not move. She worked on me for two and a half hours. She gave me real results that I could feel instantly. She also educated me on how I could keep the results she had given me. Julia can deliver results and I highly recommend her to everyone seeking relief from any aches and pains anywhere on your body. Thank you Julia for all you do for me.

Judy E.

Modesto, CA


I first met Julia when I was pregnant with my second and suffering from hip flexor problems.  A few visits to her and I felt like i was walking on clouds.  She helped me release those muscles and gave me a straight forward exercise routine to use during and after my pregnancy.  Thank you Julia!!!

Zrinka A.

San Jose, CA


Although I am regularly receiving massages, I have never had such an experience as this before.  I have had what I believe to be emotional releases in the form of dreams twice before following a massage, but this was quite unique.  I regularly practice yoga. (I used to teach but am not teaching now), I was drifting in and out of sleep but I felt a slightly different sensation and I have no other way to articulate what was happening other than my body was releasing.  All I can say is I definitely was releasing - so thank you! This was the most amazing therapeutic massage  and there is no comparison!  Julia has helped me to move forward and process some of the dramatic changes that I am going through personally and professionally.  I have now scheduled appt on a monthly basis with her and recommend her to all who care and want to make their bodies healthy and reduce stress as I have seen the difference! Thank you.

 Jessica M.

Sunnyvale, CA


I have been to many massage therapists in the past but none of them have come close to Julia's ability to actually fix what is wrong.  She was able to determine what some of my issues were just by looking at how I was standing and where my neck/shoulders rested.  She was able to fully diagnose me once she started the massage session.  The combination of various techniques that she uses makes for a very knowledgeable and capable therapist.

What I truly appreciate is that she will ask you about your daily habits regarding how you sit and sleep.  After listening to you she will then determine what is likely causing the pain you feel in your neck/back/legs etc etc.  Then she will show you how to resolve these issues with various stretches that you can do at home.  It is of course incumbent upon you to maintain your body (by sitting/sleeping properly and stretching) to avoid the reasons why you went in to see her in the first place, but she is clearly out to help people and not one of those that is preying on your money.

Another thing I really like is the price.  You just CANNOT beat the price vs benefit here.  Other places charge 25% or more for the same length of time, but good luck if you find someone who is as good, knowledgeable and helpful as Julia.

Scott B.

Campbell, CA

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