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Stress, Repetitive Motion, Bad Posture 

Do You Suffer From "Silicon Valley Syndrome?"

Chronic Pain   Fibromyalgia    Carpal Tunnel    Tendonitis    Pre/Post Surgery   Trauma  Depression   Anxiety Athletes   Weekend Warriors

THERAPY HANDS is all you need... I pride myself on listening to your complaints, aches & pains, immediately addressing your issues & providing you a custom massage session with a blend of several modalities to give your body what it needs.

My practice has attracted US Olympic gold medalist athletes, NFL & MLB players, high school & competitive/travel youth athletes and providing deep tissue, sports, neuromuscular, and trigger point massage therapy has proven to have great benefits! Pain reduction from recovering injuries, promote proper healing of scar tissue, increases range of motion and circulation and helps dissolve waste fluids such as lactic acid. Massage also helps boost the immune system which in turn, aids the body in fighting off illness. Massage therapy keeps athletes energized and healthy for future workouts.  The psychological effect is also notable-decreasing stress and increasing focus allowing for a higher performance.

It is easy to be confused with the variety of terms used.  Although therapists may have specific techniques that they use or types of clients that they treat,  bottom line,  massage therapists are either qualified to provide relaxation sessions for clients or they have the expertise to provide treatment for specific medical problems and injuries, such as postural misalignment, back and neck pain and shoulder injuries.  This training means they are not only able to provide an effective treatment but have the knowledge to act in a professional manner, for example making sure that appropriate massage techniques are those to facilitate the results you want with your body.


My vision as a Certified Massage Therapist is to be able to provide my clients with a financially attainable treatment regimen that can be integrated into their overall health and well being lifestyle. Whether you are suffering from an accident or traumatic event, a professional athlete, or an engineer, I want to provide you with the comfort, knowledge and experience of knowing that massage is not just for the rich on vacation, but a therapeutic practice that effectively treats chronic and acute pain. Therapy that helps athletes recover from or avoid sports-related injuries, while utilizing vigorous forms of massage to facilitate muscle healing and relaxation.


My mission is to continue to distinguish myself among other therapist by continuing to individually customize your therapy session to your unique situation. To be a reliable, professional therapist who is sincere, passionate and loyal! You will not meet a more loyal individual and sharing my knowledge will allow me to make me a part of your pain free lifestyle.

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